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Mango (Scientific name: mangifera indica) is also known as the “King of Fruits”. Mango is also called the “Fruit of the Gods” and since ancient times, the Indian subcontinent has been home to some of the tastiest mangoes. Get a box of the earliest available top mango variety (or a mixture of varieties if multiple varieties are available in good shape) from India, Pakistan or Australia this season.


Mango (Scientific name: mangifera indica) is called the King of Fruits for its rich flavor, aroma and taste. It is a native of India and is said to be the top consumed fruit in the world. We import the Top mango varieties from the most famous regions of the world in India, Pakistan and Australia.

  • A box of Exotic Mangoes generally contains 6-9 lbs* of mangoes (about 6-12** mangoes depending upon size).
  • The mango season lasts from April-July in India, from June-Sept in Pakistan and from Sept-Feb in Australia. You will be shipped the earliest available variety after the fruit is in season.
  • We bring the most popular varieties of mangoes from the regions where each variety grows the best. Some of the most popular mango varieties are Alphonso, Kesar, Banganpalli, Langra, Chausa, Dussehri, Mallika, White Chausa, Rattewala and Mancurad (among others).
  • Each shipment is generally delivered by the Saturday of the week it is shipped.
  • Exotic mangoes from other regions are shipped as and when they become available. With the Exotic mango, we ship whichever exotic variety or varieties become available at the earliest. If you need a specific variety and have a rough time-frame for delivery, please select the specific variety – the batch date gives a rough delivery timeline.
  • *Please note that the size of the fruit can vary widely during a season. Sometimes the fruit does not grow in size but can be very dense, while sometimes the fruit can be very big not be very dense, so it does not weigh a lot. The final size and count will depend upon what can be safely packed in a box.
  • **Please note that the weight given here is only a guideline and the most likely range while the fruit is being packed. There can be a large variation in the weight of the fruit depending upon the season, the shipment and other factors. Also note that the fruit loses weight daily it is generally assumed that the daily weight loss is between 2-5 percent.

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 11 × 6 in

Special Box (6-9 lbs** ) about 6-12 fruits

Batch Date

2024 Season


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